Message templates
    • 22 Jan 2024
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    Message templates

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    You can create templates to enable your agents to send standardized text messages (standard responses) over digital channels, saving time and ensuring accuracy.


    Voiso message templates simplify the process of sending text messages to contacts. With a template, an agent does not have to write the message. All they have to do is select a predefined standard response message, fill in specifics if necessary, and then send.

    Using templates instead of writing individual messages each time an agent sends a text message on a digital channel saves time and ensures accuracy.

    Voiso enables you to create message templates customized for your teams of agents. Agents can only access message templates assigned to their team.

    You can also create message templates specific to one or more digital channels. This capability lets you tailor your messaging to contacts on specific channels.

    To access the Message templates page, from the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Administration > Message templates.

    Message Templates Message Templates View

    The Message templates page contains a searchable table that lists all your message templates. You can sort by Template name or Channels. The table includes a message preview in the Message column.

    To delete one or more message templates, select it in the table, then click Delete (the trash can icon).

    The Channels column uses icons to indicate on which digital channels the message template may be used.

    Message Templates SMS IconSMS
    Message Templates Web-chat IconWebchat
    Message Templates Facebook Messenger IconFacebook Messenger
    Message Templates Instagram IconInstagram direct message
    Message Templates Telegram IconTelegram
    Message Templates WhatsApp IconWhatsApp

    Creating a message template

    To create a new message template, in the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Administration > Message templates, then follow these steps:

    1. Click Add template to display the Add template page.
      Message Templates New Template View
    2. In the Template name field, specify a name for the template. This name is displayed to agents in the Agent Panel when they select a message template.
    3. In the Message field, enter the message content. Messages may be up to 480 characters in length. It can include text, digits, some special characters, and hyperlinks.
    4. In the Assigned teams section, click Manage to select from a list of teams that may use the message template.
    5. Select one or more digital channels from the Assigned channels section to use the template.
    6. Click Save to create the message template and make it available to members of the specified team or teams.

    You can use special characters like brace brackets to indicate to your agents that they should modify the message content. For example, you could use "{booking#}" to show your agent where to add a booking number to a message.

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