Agent Guide Overview
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Agent Guide Overview

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The Voiso Agent Panel and integrated Omnichannel Workspace enable agents to answer contact inquiries, resolve contact issues, reach out to potential new contacts, and meet performance metrics. Use the Agent Panel for inbound, outbound, and Dialer campaign phone calls and the Omnichannel Workspace to handle message-based interactions on multiple digital channels.


As a contact center agent, you are your organization's voice to the people who phone or message your organization and the people you reach out to through outbound calling campaigns and direct messaging.

Agent Panel

The Voiso Agent Panel is a WebRTC-based Softphone that enables you to handle inbound, outbound, and Dialer campaign phone calls through your computer. Depending on your contact center environment, the Agent Panel is either a standalone app on your desktop, is integrated into the Voiso Omnichannel Workspace, or is integrated into your organization's CRM.

The Agent Panel helps you to meet the performance objectives set out for you by your administrator or supervisor. Your administrator sets up the Agent Panel to display metrics that enable you to view information about how many interactions you have handled, the average amount of time it takes for you to handle interactions, the number of unique phone numbers you dialed, and so on. To learn more about measuring your performance, refer to Agent metrics.

Omnichannel Workspace

The Omnichannel Workspace combines digital channels and voice into a single universal workspace. It enables you to interact with your contacts through your contact's preferred channel and to move with them from one channel to the next.

The following channels are supported in the Omnichannel Workspace:

Voice Channel IconVoice
SMS Channel IconSMS
Webchat Channel IconWebchat
WhatsApp Channel IconWhatsApp
Viber Channel IconViber
Telegram Channel IconTelegram
Facebook Messenger Channel IconFacebook Messenger
Instagram Channel IconInstagram

CRM integration

Voiso supports the integration of the Agent Panel with many of the industry-leading CRMs. With the Voiso CRM integration, you can click-to-dial calls from your CRM, so you no longer have to dial contacts manually. When an inbound interaction is routed to you, the Voiso CRM integration screen-pops the contact record in your CRM so that you know the contact's information and call history before you answer the call. Voiso logs your calls in your CRM to maintain a record of your interactions. In outbound calling campaigns, Voiso can access your organization's contact list in the CRM.

Your administrator or supervisor will tell you how to log into your Voiso integration with your organization's CRM.

Check out these videos to see how Voiso works in the Zoho CRM:

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