• 03 May 2024
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    How to integrate Voiso with the Zoho CRM.


    Voiso integrates with the Zoho CRM through an extension available from the Zoho Marketplace.


    The Voiso Integration app for Zoho enables the following CRM features:

    Click-to-callAgents initiate calls in Zoho by clicking a dialable number instead of manually dialing the number
    Calling List ImportVoiso pulls selected contact phone numbers direcly from the Zoho database for Dialer campaigns
    Screen PopThe contact record is automatically displayed in Zoho when an agent handles a call in Voiso
    Call HistoryCall outcome logging and call details are automatically transmitted to the Zoho database after a call
    Ticket creationWhen an agent completes an inbound, manually dialed outbound, or click-to-call outbound call, Voiso automatically creates a ticket for the call and assigns it to the agent who handled it.


    Agents can dial contact numbers directly from the Zoho application by clicking any dialable number. This feature enables agents to make calls without manually dialing the number or copying and pasting a number into the dialpad, and without leaving the Zoho application to call from another application.

    Calling list import

    This feature allows you to import outbound campaign Calling lists from Zoho to Voiso. First create a Campaign in Zoho, add Leads or Contacts, then use the Campaign as a data source in the Voiso Dialer campaign builder.

    Screen pop

    When a call is routed to an agent, Voiso displays the relevant Zoho objects, such as cases and contact records, in Zoho.

    Call history

    Call history, also called Call outcome logging, adds information from Voiso about the call to the activity task about the call in Zoho. The following Voiso call details can be included in the call activity task:

    • From number (ANI)
    • To number (DNIS)
    • Call type
    • Disposition code
    • Queue
    • Script
    • Start time
    • End time
    • Call duration
    • End reason
    • Call recording link

    Ticket creation

    Voiso creates tickets in Zoho and assigns them to the agent who handled the call for the following calling scenarios:

    • An agent completes an inbound call
    • An agent manually dials an outbound call or uses click-to-call
    • An agent misses an inbound call
    • An agent makes an outbound call that is unanswered

    If an agent handles an inbound call for a contact that does not exist in the Zoho contact database, Voiso automatically creates a contact.

    The following ticket record fields are updated by Voiso when a ticket is created:

    • subject
      • Inbound call: Inbound call to {contact.lastName}
      • Outbound call/Click-to-call: Outbound call to {contact.lastName} description
      • Start time: {start_time}
      • Duration: {duration}
      • Disposition: {disposition}
      • CDR link: {cdr_url} (a link to the Extended Call Details page in Voiso)
      • Call note: {call_note}
    • phone
      • DNIS for outbound calls
      • ANI for inbound calls
    • contactId
    • departmentId
    • assigneeId (ID of the agent)


    1. Contact your Voiso account manager to enable the Zoho CRM integration for your Voiso account.
    2. Administrator and agent account email addresses are the same in both Voiso and Zoho.

    Install Voiso in Zoho

    In just a few simple steps, you can install the Voiso application from the Zoho Marketplace:

    1. Sign in to your Zoho account.
    2. Click Setup, then from the Channels section, click Telephony.
    3. On the Telephony channel page, click Enable telephony.
    4. On the Telephony marketplace page, search for Voiso.
    5. Click the Voiso tile.
    6. On the Voiso Contact Center for Zoho page, click Install.
    7. On the Voiso setup panel, choose whether to install for all users or specific users, then click Install.
    8. Voiso is now ready to use. Next, enable Zoho in Voiso.

    Enabling Zoho in Voiso

    Confirm that all the prerequisites are met, then follow these steps to enable Zoho in Voiso. A Voiso user with an Admin account is required to make the following settings.

    1. Log in to Zoho using your administrator account. The account MUST have the same email address as your Voiso administrator account.
    2. In the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Administration > System settings. In the Callcenter Settings page, and select Enabled in the Zoho CRM section.
    3. In Zoho, ensure that the Allowed IPs feature is enabled.
    4. In the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Administration > CRM Integrations settings. In the Zoho CRM Settings section, click Finish authentication.
    5. Zoho displays an information window requring you to accept the Voiso integration. Click Accept.

    CRM Zoho Accept window

    1. In the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Administration > System settings, then in the Zoho CRM Settings section, select Enabled, then click the Save.

    To disable the Zoho integration, deselect the Enabled checkbox, then click Save.

    Dialer campaigns with Zoho

    You can integrate Zoho leads and contacts into your Voiso Dialer Campaigns.


    • A Voiso user with admin privileges who is enabled to create Dialer campaigns.
    • A Zoho account that uses the same email address as the Voiso admin.
    • An Active campaign in Zoho with a list of contacts to be called.

    Add Zoho contacts to your Voiso campaign

    1. Login to Voiso with the same email address as you used to create the campaign in Zoho.
    2. In the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Outbound > Dialer campaigns.
    3. In the Campaigns view, click Add new campaign and set up the campaign.
    4. In the Calling list section, select ZohoCRM from the Method list.
    5. From the ZohoCRM Campaign list, select the name of the campaign you want to use. Voiso will use the contacts list you created in Zoho.
    6. Click Save. Voiso loads the campaign calling list. Note, it might take several minutes for the calling list to load before you can start the campaign.

    Call outcome logging

    While your campaign is running, when a call is completed, the following information is logged to Zoho, on the Activities tab:

    • Lead who was called
    • Date and timestamp
    • Call duration
    • Call type (Outbound)
    • Call disposition
    • Name of the agent who handled the call for calls with the answered disposition

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