Adding a new campaign
    • 04 Apr 2024
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    Adding a new campaign

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    The Voice Dialer automates outbound calling campaigns and enables you to either import your calling list or integrate it with your CRM.


    Before adding a new outbound Dialer Campaign, decide whether you are going to run a campaign from a calling list that you supply or use your CRM to provide the calling list for you. Next, ensure that you have agents available for the local time of the contacts to be called. Finally, ensure that you have Caller IDs that are suitable for the region to be called.

    The How to run a dialer campaign articles provide an example of running a Voiso Dialer campaign. If this is your first Voiso Dialer campaign, you might want to read those articles before creating your campaign.

    Adding a new campaign

    There are two ways to add a new outbound Dialer campaign. The first is to create one from scratch by clicking Add campaign from the Campaigns page. The second is to clone an existing campaign.

    To clone a campaign, in the Campaigns page hover your mouse pointer over the campaign to be cloned, then click the Clone button on the far right side. A copy of the selected campaign parameters is displayed in the Edit campaign page. Follow the steps for adding a campaign to edit the parameters of the cloned campaign.

    Add/Edit campaign page

    Use the Add campaign or Edit campaign page to specify the parameters of your outbound Dialer campaign. The page is divided into the following sections:


    To delete a campaign that is in the Draft status, open the campaign in the Edit campaign page, then click Delete campaign.


    Use the General section to define the name and dialing parameters of your campaign. The General section includes the following parameters:

    Inbound Add Campaign General

    Campaign nameA unique name identifying your campaign.
    StrategyChoose between Progressive (Progressive Dialer) and AI-powered Predictive (Predictive Dialer). Refer to Part 2: Dialer campaigns for information about campaign strategies.
    Dial level(Progressive only) A multiplier for the number of active agents to determine the number of calls dialed simultaneously.
    Dial level override / Active agents threshold / Override value(Progressive only) A throttle for the number of calls dialed simultaneously. If the number of active agents falls below a specified threshold, the overridde dial level is applied. Applies only when Enabled is selected.
    Max dial timeSpecify how long the system should wait for a contact to answer the call or other response.
    Max wait timeSpecify how long you are willing to let a contact wait after they pick up a call for an agent to answer the call if all agents are busy.
    Max dial attemptsSpecify the number of calls that may be made to an individual contact number if they aren’t responding.
    Voice messageSpecify a media file, of type Voice Message, that is played to a contact who answers a call.
    Answering Machine DetectionAnswering Machine Detection (AMD) analyzes answered Dialer campaign calls to determine whether they are answered by a person or an answering machine.

    Contact's local time

    Use the Contact's local time feature to specify when each contact in the campaign may be called. Voiso knows the locale of each phone number in the campaign and ensures that contacts are called only during the days and times that you select. This feature ensures that contacts are not called at hours that are inconvenient, such as during the night, at dinner time, and so on. This feature also helps you to remain compliant with local regulations.

    Inbound Add Campaign Contacts Local Time

    Calling list

    There are two methods for importing the list of contacts and phone numbers into your campaign: CSV and CRM.

    Inbound Add Campaign Calling List


    The CSV file provides the list of contact phone numbers to be called during the campaign. Depending on your goals, Voiso supports CSV files with different columns of data. For example, only phone numbers, phone numbers with a URL, or phone numbers with name and source.


    Work with your Voiso account manager to configure the most appropriate CSV file format for your business.

    To use a CSV file for your calling list, in the Calling list section, select CSV from the Method menu, then click Import calling list (.csv). Navigate to the CSV file on your computer, then click Upload.

    Voiso processes the file to check for invalid and duplicate numbers, and to ensure that the format of the file matches the format configured for your contact center.

    Refer to Running a campaign for more information about using a CSV file for your Dialer campaign calling list.


    Voiso supports many different CRM services. You can use the Voiso CRM integration feature to access your CRM database to provide a calling list for your Dialer campaign.

    IntegrationClick-to-callScreen popCalling list importCall history

    To use a CRM to provide your calling list, in the Calling list section, select the name of your CRM from the Method menu. Depending on which CRM integration you use, different options become available.

    For some CRM integrations, you choose the name of a campaign that you have created in your CRM. Refer to Running a CRM campaign and CRM integration overview for information about CRM generated calling lists.

    Contact sources and countries

    After the calling list is processed, the Contact sources and countries section is added to your campaign. You can use this section to omit calling certain sources or destinations from the campaign.

    Inbound Dialer Contact Sources And Countries

    Click Manage to display the Contact sources and countries assignment panel. Select countries or sources to include them in the campaign, or deselect countries or sources to exclude them from the campaign.

    Outbound Contact Sources and Countries Assignment Panel


    Sources are available only for certain CSV formats. Contact your Voiso account manager if you want to use contact sources in your CSV calling list.

    Caller ID sets

    You must specify at least one number from which your contacts will be called from in your campaign. Specify one or more Caller IDs in the Set 1 field. Multiple Caller IDs should be separated by commas or be entered on different lines.

    Inbound Add Campaign Caller ID Group

    Typically, a campaign contains multiple groups of Caller IDs, known as Caller ID sets. The numbers in the Caller ID sets are used in rotation for each call. You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously and use either the same or different numbers for each one.


    Include additional groups so that a different selection of Caller IDs can be used for redialing (callbacks).

    To add an additional Caller ID set, click Add set. A text field is displayed labeled as Set 2. Each subsequent group that you create is numbered 3, 4, 5, and so on.

    Local CallerID

    If your campaign is calling multiple countries or regions, you can call each contact using a Caller ID that matches their country or region. Select Use local Caller ID to select Caller IDs based on the destination of the call. If you add multiple numbers for the same destination, they are used in rotation for local calls. If there are no local numbers for a certain destination, one of the numbers from the list is used randomly.

    For example, for a European campaign, if you have multiple numbers for Germany and France, but none for Italy, then the German numbers are cycled through for all calls to Germany, the French numbers as cycled through for all calls to France, and all the numbers are cycled through for calls to Italy.


    Use different numbers for your campaigns than you use for your manually dialed calls.


    Redial rules enable you to specify what the campaign should do for different scenarios when a call is not completed. The total number of redial attempts (callbacks) is constrained by the Max Dial Attempts setting.

    Inbound Add Campaign Rules

    You can specify rules for the following scenarios:

    Machine answeredThe call was answered by an answering machine. This rule is only available if Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is enabled for the campaign.
    AbandonedThe call was answered by a person, but no agents were available, and either the person hung up or the call was terminated by the system.
    No answerThe call was not answered.
    RejectedThe call was rejected by the carrier, the contact, or due to technical issues.
    FailedThe call did not go through.
    BusyThe contact was on another call or was in Do Not Disturb mode.

    To add a redial rule for one of the scenarios, click Add Rule next to the rule type.

    For each rule, you can specify multiple redial attempts with different Wait interval parameters. The wait interval is the number of seconds, minutes, or hours to wait until a redial attempt should be made for each scenario type. For example, you might want to wait longer if there is no answer than if the line was busy.

    Dialer Machine Answered Rule

    When the maximum number of attempts is reached for any individual rule, the system no longer attempts to redial the number. However, if a number is first answered by a machine, then later there was no answer, and finally it was busy, that count as three redial attempts, so the system keeps redialing until either Max Dial Attempts is reached or all the attempts specified by an individual rule are completed.

    Caller IDs

    To avoid multiple calls from the same Caller ID, select Switch Caller ID set next to the rule. If Use local Caller ID is enabled, the new group inherits this rule.

    Assigned agents

    Agents handle the calls made to contacts in an outbound Dialer campaign. Agents are Users with WebRTC Softphone or Hardware Phone configured for their account.

    Inbound Add Campaign Agents

    To assign agents to a campaign, scroll to the Assigned agents section, then click Manage to display the Agent assignment panel.

    Voiso provides a lot of flexibility for adding agents to campaigns. You can add them either as part of a team or individually. You can also choose to add all teams or all agents. If you select a team, you can choose to remove agents from the campaign without removing them from the team by expanding the entry for the team and deselecting one or more team members.

    Outbound Dialer Campaign Agent Assignment Panel

    To add all teams, select the Teams tab, then click All teams. To add individual teams, select the team name.

    To add all agents, select the Agents tab, then click All agents. To add individual agents, select the agent's name. To remove one or more agents from the campaign when all agents are selected, deselect the agent.


    You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously; however, a specific agent can participate in only one campaign at a time. Agents can choose which campaign to join from those that they are assigned to by using Join a campaign in the Agent Panel.

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