Part 4: The agent experience
    • 18 Jan 2024
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    Part 4: The agent experience

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    This is part 4 of the How to run a dialer campaign use case.

    Agents in your campaign

    {{glossary.Agents}} use the Agent Panel to handle campaign calls, select wrap-up codes, and join and leave {{glossary.Dialer campaigns}}.

    Alerting agents

    Voiso provides two methods for alerting agents that there is a Dialer campaign they can or should join. You can use Broadcast messages to send a notice to specific teams about an upcoming or just-starting campaign. Also, when a campaign is started, Voiso notifies all logged-in agents in the Agent Panel that they have been added to one or more campaigns.

    Dialer Agent Added to Campaign

    How agents join campaigns

    To join a campaign, agents click the Dialer campaign icon in the Agent Panel to display the Dialer campaign page, then click the name of the campaign they want to join.

    Dialer Agent Two Campaigns

    When the agent sets their status to Available, calls are routed to them to answer.

    Dialer Agent Campaign Next Call

    Agents have a full set of call controls available while handling campaign calls.

    Dialer Agent Campaign Call

    At the end of a call, agents click one of the wrap-up codes you have defined.

    Dialer Agent Campaign Wrap-up Codes

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