Part 1: Getting started
    • 13 Feb 2024
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    Part 1: Getting started

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    The Voiso Dialer automates outbound calling campaigns and enable you to either import your calling list or integrate with your CRM.


    Using the Voiso Dialer to manage your outbound dialing campaigns simplifies the process of setting up a campaign; adding contact numbers, Caller IDs, and agents; monitoring the campaign in real-time, then evaluating the results of the campaign when it completes.

    Voiso Dialer is a tool that automatically dials numbers for outbound calling campaigns. You can choose different strategies to tune the dialing rate to accommodate the number of available agents or your real-time campaign metrics. Dialer enables you to either integrate your CRM to generate a calling list or to import one from a CSV. Use Dialer to ensure that contacts are called only at certain times of the day in their local time zone. To improve call answering, set Caller IDs that correspond to a contact's region.

    Dialer can detect answering machines to determine whether there is an answered call before connecting your agent to the call. When an answering machine is detected, Voiso ends the call automatically.

    Overview: Setting up a campaign

    This section introduces you to the basics of setting up a campaign. Refer to Outbound for detailed information about outbound campaign settings.

    Most of the features that you need to set up and run your campaign are found in the Outbound menu in the navigation bar.

    Outbound Menu

    Additional options and settings are specified in the Administration, Users, and Reporting interfaces. For example, media to play audio, wrap-up codes for call outcomes, agent accounts and privileges, and real-time and historical reports.

    Before you create your first campaign, set up Voiso to integrate with your CRM if you are going to bring in contacts from your CRM database, prepare your calling lists and Caller IDs, decide which strategy works best for your organization, then configure your redial rules.

    Use Voiso's Predictive dialing mode (Predictive Dialer) powered by AI to maximize your campaign returns.

    CRM integration

    Confirm with your Voiso account manager whether your CRM can feed contacts (leads) directly from the CRM database into your campaign. If your CRM supports this capability, you do not have to prepare a calling list file.

    Depending on the CRM your organization uses, you might have to enable and make settings in different Voiso pages. CRM integration is handle in either the System settings page, the CRM integration Settings page, or both. Each CRM requires different settings for integration, such as the URL, login information, and so on.


    When you use a CRM to provide your calling list, you can create a Live Campaign which updates the calling list and reactivates the campaign every time a new contact is added to the campaign in your CRM.

    Wrap-up codes

    Voiso enables you to create a set of codes (after call work or post call codes) that can be applied by agents to all outbound and campaign calls. While handling a call, agents can select from a list of call wrap-up codes that you specify. The wrap-up code is stored as part of the CDR.

    Dialer Wrap-up Codes

    To create wrap-up codes, select Administration > Wrap-up codes from the navigation bar to open the Wrap-up codes page. To add a new wrap-up code, click Add new code. In the Code field, specify a number to identify the code. In the Description field specify a word or phrase that helps the agent identify the meaning of the code. The description is a word or phrase that is meaningful to your organization, such as "Do not call", "Success", or "Trial offer".

    Dialer Add New Wrap-up Code

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