Part 3: Launching your campaign
    • 18 Jan 2024
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    Part 3: Launching your campaign

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    This is part 3 of the How to run a dialer campaign use case.

    Launching your campaign

    After you save your new {{glossary.Dialer campaign}}, it is displayed in the table of campaigns on the Dialer campaigns page.

    Dialer Campaigns page

    The sortable table lists all your campaigns. Click Created on to sort by creation date, Name to sort by campaign name, or Status to sort by the status of the campaign. The table includes the following columns:

    Created onThe date and time that the campaign was created and saved
    IDThe chronological number of the campaign
    NameThe name given to the campaign. Click the campaign name to open the Edit campaign page. You can use this page to modify the campaign parameters in real-time whether the campaign is running or not.
    ContactsThe number of entries in the calling list. The infinity symbol (∞) is displayed for Live campaigns where a CRM is used to continuously add contacts (leads) to the campaign.
    AgentsThe number of agents assigned to the campaign.
    ProgressThe percent of calls that are complete.
    StatusThe status of the campaign. Statuses include: Draft, Active, Stopped, Paused, and Completed
    ControlsUse the Play, Pause, and Stop buttons to start, pause, or end the campaign
    Clone campaignClick the Clone campaign icon to display the Edit campaign page. A clone of the campaign is displayed. You can adjust the parameters and save the campaign as a new campaign.

    Campaign status

    Campaigns can be in one of the following statuses:

    DraftCreated but not yet started. If you have created a campaign but not all settings are complete, the campaign cannot be started.
    ActiveCurrently running with logged in agents.
    StoppedNot currently running, but might be partially complete. The campaign cannot be restarted.
    PausedTemporarily paused but can be manually or automatically (for Live campaigns) reactivated
    CompletedNo more dial or redial attempts are possible according to the campaign settings

    Use the campaign control buttons to start, pause, and stop a campaign.

    PlayStart or unpause a campaign
    PauseTemporarily halt an active campaign. Click Play to make the campaign active again. Live campaigns pause and unpause automatically.
    StopStop an active campaign. Once a campaign is stopped, it cannot be restarted. To run the campaign again, click Clone campaign, and run the clone of the original campaign with a new calling list.

    Live campaigns

    If you use a CRM to provide contacts to your campaign, your campaign can run continuously in a Live campaign.

    To run a continuous Live campaign, specify your CRM as the calling list method when you create your campaign, then click Live Campaign.

    The Live campaign feature continuously polls your CRM to search for new contacts (leads) to call for the campaign. Live campaigns pause when either there are no new contacts available in the CRM, there are no contacts available that meet the local time requirement, or there are no logged in agents available. Live campaigns unpause when new contacts are available in the CRM and there are logged in agents available to handle the calls.

    Use the Poll interval setting to specify how often the live campaign should request new contacts from your CRM.

    Live campaigns run until you stop them.

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