Part 5: Real-time Dialer campaign monitoring
    • 18 Jan 2024
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    Part 5: Real-time Dialer campaign monitoring

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    Who should read this article: Administrators, Supervisors

    This is part 5 of the How to run a Dialer campaign use case.

    Real-time dashboards

    Voiso provides many widgets on the Real-time dashboard for monitoring the performance of your outbound Dialer Campaigns as well as your contact center. The Real-time Dashboard provides a customizable comprehensive view of your contact center, providing the metrics needed to improve the efficiency of running campaigns. Based on changing metric data, Supervisors can instantly adjust campaign settings without pausing the Dialers.

    To display the Real-time dashboard, select Reporting > Real-time dashboard from the navigation bar to open the Real-time dashboard page. To add a widget, click Add widget. The Add new widget panel is displayed. It contains the complete list of contact center monitoring widgets. Scroll down to the Dialer Monitoring section and select a widget to add to the dashboard. The following widgets are available:

    Dialer Real-time Dashboard


    For detailed information about a widget, in the Add new widget panel, click the "i" icon next to the widget name.

    Campaign – Call DispositionA pie-chart displaying calls by network response: answered, no answer, busy, rejected, or failed
    Campaign StatusA dashboard summarizing various campaign metrics, such duration of the campaign, the average time an agent waits for the next call, how often customers drop off, the average time spent on calls, and the ratio of calls answered to total calls made
    Campaign – Dial AttemptsA bar graph displaying the number of times that each campaign contact was dialed
    Campaign – Agent CounterA pie chart displaying the number of agents who have joined the campaign and their status: outbound (on a call), waiting, and wrapping-up
    Campaign – Wrap-up CodesA pie chart displaying the number of campaign calls by the wrap-up codes (after-call work completions) that you defined

    Dialer Add New Widget

    To add a widget, select it and click Add.

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