Getting started
    • 09 Jan 2024
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    Getting started

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    Who should read this article: Administrators, Supervisors

    What you need to know to start using the Voiso cloud-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) application.


    Voiso works best in the Google Chrome browser. Some features might not work as expected in other browsers.


    Voiso is a powerful cloud-based web application suite that enables you to deliver on your contact center objectives. Accelerate your outbound sales with the Voiso AI-powered predictive dialer (Predictive Dialer), automated logging, and customizable campaigns. Use the Voiso dashboard to drive the performance of your contact center. Bring clarity and organization with a suite of intuitive dashboards and widgets.

    Dialer Real-time Dashboard

    Integrate Voiso with your CRM to enable click-to-call, calling list import into your outbound campaigns, screen popup contact record, and integrate your Voiso call history (call outcome logging) with your CRM database.

    Voiso’s advanced call recording and call detail record (CDR) logging lets you take advantage of customizable call events or stages, event-based navigation, and an intuitive search engine.

    Use real-time monitoring to take the pulse of your contact center. Dive into a wide range of historical reports that provide all the metrics you need to assess the performance of your team and campaigns.

    The Agent Panel provides a powerful yet simple-to-use tool that enables agents to easily make and receive calls, join outbound campaigns, and monitor their performance.

    Dialer Agent Campaign Call

    Supervisors can view agent performance and monitor, coach, and join calls in progress. Call recording ensures that agents are delivering quality to your customers.

    Agent List

    Agents can be reassigned to different queues on-the-fly to enable you to respond to dynamic changes to call waiting times.

    Agent Zoom Animation

    Easy onboarding

    It is easy to get started using Voiso. Visit our website and request a demo or talk to one of our Contact Center experts!

    After your demo, request a trial from Voiso and talk to our onboarding experts, who will set up a trial for you that matches our features to your business requirements. The trial is free. The only cost to you is for making calls. It is easy to top up your balance using PayPal or a credit card during your trial.

    When our onboarding engineers set up your contact center you can request numbers for different regions from our available numbers or add your own numbers.

    With your administrator account, you will have access to the full Voiso cloud-based web application where you can add and configure users, custom roles, teams, and skills, set up Caller IDs and call wrap-up codes, prepare outbound campaigns, and create widget-based dashboards, and protect your network and security by specifying allowed hosts/subnets.

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    Logging in to Voiso

    Voiso's one interface, many views approach ensures that different users access different features depending on the privileges you set.

    Security Access Groups Default


    When an administrator logs in, they have all the Voiso capabilities enabled and available in the navigation bar.

    Admin Login


    When a Supervisor logs in, they have a subset of Voiso capabilities enabled and available in the navigation bar.

    Supervisor Login


    When an Agent logs in, they access only to the Voiso Agent Panel, the tool they use to make and receive calls.

    Voiso Login 060723

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