How to set up your equipment and softphone
    • 16 Jan 2024
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    How to set up your equipment and softphone

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    To make and receive phone calls, you must set up your softphone to work with your computer and browser.


    The Voiso WebRTC Softphone is a powerful tool that enables agents to perform their contact center tasks in a single interface, the Voiso Agent Panel. Agents use the Agent Panel to make and receive phone calls. To set up the softphone, you must ensure that the Agent Panel has permission to access your computer's microphone and speaker.

    You can also use a third-party softphone or a Hardware Phone (a physical hardware-based IP phone).


    Voiso recommends using the latest Google Chrome browser for the best user experience.

    Setting up your softphone

    Follow these steps to set up your Agent Panel to handle phone calls.

    Voiso Login 060723

    1. In your browser, navigate to your contact center's Voiso homepage. Ask your administrator for the homepage URL.
    2. Enter your username (Voiso contact center email address) and password.
    3. Click Sign in.
    4. If pop-ups and redirects are blocked, select Allow and click Done.
    5. To open the Agent Panel, click the Agent Panel icon in the navigation bar.
    6. When the Agent Panel is displayed for the first time, you are asked to allow Voiso to use your microphone. Click Allow.
    7. If your browser does not have permission to use your microphone, a dialog box might be displayed asking permission. Allow your browser to use your microphone as well. You might have to enable your microphone in your browser settings.
    8. To change your microphone settings or choose a different microphone, click the microphone icon.
    9. Modify the settings, then click Done. To modify your browser's microphone settings, click Manage.
    10. Your softphone is now ready to use.

    Setting up a third-party softphone or hardware phone

    You can use a third-party softphone, such as Zoiper, or a hardware phone instead of the Voiso Agent Panel.

    • Third-party softphone users must be signed in to Voiso to place calls.
    • Hardware phone users cannot log in to Voiso, but they can call directly from the third-party endpoint.

    To assign a third-party softphone or a hardware phone to a user,

    1. From the Voiso main menu, navigate to Users > Users.
    2. Either create a new user by clicking Add user or modify an existing by clicking the agent's name to display the Edit user page.
    3. If you are not using Security Access Groups, de-select WebRTC Enabled; otherwise, if you want to use a hardphone, assign the Hardware security access group. If you want to use a third-party softphone, create a new security access group with WebRTC Enabled de-selected.
    4. In the third-party softphone or hardware phone settings, add the following SIP credentials for the user and register the settings:
    DomainEverything after the @ sign in the SIP account name. For example: “”
    UsernameEverything before the @ sign in the SIP account name. For example: “Agent01”
    PasswordThe password assigned to the user's Voiso account.
    1. Save the user, then make a test call to ensure everything is working correctly.


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