• 05 Dec 2023
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Using the Flow Builder, you can design, configure, and manage sophisticated interaction flows based on business processes.



To learn about Flows and Flow Builder, contact your Voiso Support Team or Account Manager.

Flows replaces Scripts as the feature used to create interaction flows (formerly called scripts). Use Flow Builder to create advanced interaction flows based on the day, time, and channel rules specified in Flows.


To create, view, and manage your interaction flows, in the Voiso navigation bar, select Inbound > Flows. The Flows page contains a searchable table of the flows that you have created. It displays the name of the flow and associated channels.

Flow Page Flows Table

The Flows table contains the following columns:

Flow nameA list of existing flows, sorted alphabetically by name
ChannelsAn icon representing the channel type and the number of connected channels. For example, phone numbers. If you hover your mouse pointer over the channel icon, a tooltip is displayed listing the numbers associated with the channel.
  • To find a flow, start typing its name in the Search field.
  • To add a flow, refer to Adding a new flow.
  • To edit a flow, click a flow name to open the Edit flow page.
  • To delete a flow, hover your mouse pointer over the flow you want to delete, then click "x" on the far right side.

Adding a new flow

To add a new flow, click Add new flow to open the Add flow page.

Flow Page Add Flow Page

The Add flow page is divided into sections:

Configure each section, then click Save to add the new flow to the table in the Flow page.

General settings

The General settings section includes the following parameters:

Flow Page General Settings

Flow nameSpecify a unique name for the flow. The name can include information about the business hours to which the flow applies. For example, Regular Business Hours | M - F 8:30 to 18:00
Flow typeSelect a call flow type, such as Voice.
ChannelsSelect one or more phone numbers or other channels.

Flow builder

After you have added the parameters in the General settings section and saving the flow, the Launch button becomes active in the Flow builder section. To launch the Flow Builder application click Launch.

The Flow Builder application is a visual editor tool that enables you to create complex routing strategies for inbound interactions.

Business Hours

The Business hours section enables you to specify the day and time rules for the flow. Business hours are based on the time zone that is configured for your business in the Call Center Settings page. If you are creating a flow for business hours in a different time zone, remember to calculate the offset of hours from your contact center time zone.

Flow Page Setting Business Hours

To set business hours for a specific day, click the button representing the day. For example, MON for Monday. Next, click in the first field and enter the start time, then click in the second field and enter the end time. Repeat these steps for each day that applies to the flow.

Day off menu

To specify an existing flow to be used for the the times not specified in the Business hours section, select the name of the flow from the Flow menu.


The Day Off flow inherits its channel from the primary business hours flow. You do not have to specify a channel.


To specify one or more supervisors for the flow, click Edit to open the Add supervisors in flows pane and select one or more Supervisors. Supervisors assigned to the flow can find interactions that passed through the flow by using the CDR page.

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