In-queue Abandons
    • 24 Jan 2024
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    In-queue Abandons

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    Report on the percentage of calls abandoned by contacts waiting in queue.


    The Inqueue Abandons (In-queue abandons) report totals the number of calls that ended while the call was in a queue because the contact hung up before connecting with an Agent. This important Queue metric helps you determine where problems might be occurring in your contact center. A queue with many abandoned calls might indicate that there are not enough agents servicing the queue or the agents assigned to the queue are taking too long handling interactions.

    Reporting Create Report In-queue Abandons

    Enter the report options parameters and specify the queue or queues to report on, then click Run report to view the report.

    Report options

    The Inqueue Abandons report has multiple parameters to be set. First, choose the date or date range for which you want to produce a report.

    Use the Wait time threshold field to include only calls that were terminated after the specified number of seconds.

    Choose to view the results as a line chart or a table. Table results can be exported as a CSV file for processing outside of Voiso.


    Select up to three queues from the list of queues.


    Table results are displayed in separate tables for each queue and can be exported separately as a CSV file for processing outside of Voiso.

    Chart results are displayed in two different graphs, Abandoned calls (a total count of abandoned calls for the specified time period) and Abandoned calls % (the percentage of abandoned calls versus total calls handled by the queue).

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