System Requirements
  • 09 Feb 2024
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System Requirements

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A list of supported web browsers, hardware, and software configurations.

Browser support

Voiso works best in the latest Google Chrome browser.


Some features might not work as expected in other browsers. If you encounter issues using Voiso in other browsers, please try to reproduce the issue in the latest Google Chrome.

Supported hardware

You can use Voiso on desktop or laptop computers running a supported operating system and has the latest Google Chrome installed.


  • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Dual-core processor
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Microphone and speakers or headset with microphone

Supported operating systems

Voiso runs on the Google Chrome browser in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Voiso recommends running the latest version of the operating system, but up to 2 previous versions are supported.


The Voiso web experience is not supported on mobile devices; however, the Voiso Mobile app is supported for both Android and iOS devices.

Network requirements

The Voiso contact center URL should be on your network allow list for outgoing and incoming connections.


  • A DNS server configured to resolve the Voiso domain names to IP addresses. For example, you may configure the primary DNS to
  • Avoid connecting to your Voiso contact center using a VPN.


Voiso recommends a minimum of 1 Mbps down/up or better.


Voiso recommends you configure your firewalls or any proxy services on desktop computers or laptops to allow specific port ranges when you are using the Voiso platform.


  • Signaling: TCP/443 for IP address corresponding to your contact center name ({contact center name}
  • Media: UDP source ephemeral port range, destination static port range 10000 - 20000

Ephemeral port range depends on the OS typeand version and the version of Chrome browser you use.

Hardware/Software phones

  • Signaling: UDP/5060 for IP address corresponding to cluster ingress gateway (agents.{cluster name}
  • Media: UDP source ephemeral port range, destination static port range 10000 - 20000

Ephemeral port range depends on Hardware/Softphone configuration.

IP Addresses

You can manage the list of IP addresses from which users may log into your contact center by enabling Restrict by host/subnet in the system settings, then configuring the hosts and subnets on the Allowed hosts/subnets page.

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