Outbound calls
    • 25 Jan 2024
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    Outbound calls

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    How to use Agent Panel to make an outgoing phone call.


    The Agent Panel is a small browser-based WebRTC Softphone application that enables you to make and receive phone calls on your computer. It uses the device, usually a headset, that you have set up as your computer's microphone and speakers.

    Review the Getting started article for information about how to log into Agent Panel and enable your microphone and speakers.

    Agent Panel Default Home Screen

    The Agent Panel provides call controls on the Call screen, such as a dial pad, call/end, hold, transfer, consultation, conference, mute/unmute, and call recording start/pause/stop, that enable you to handle inbound and outgoing phone calls.

    Dialing a call

    To dial a call, enter the phone number in the Enter number field. You can enter the phone number using your computer keyboard, by pasting a number from your computer clipboard, or by clicking the numbers on the Agent Panel dial pad.


    Ask your supervisor or administrator about any special requirements for dialing out, such as dialing prefixes.

    Agent Panel Default Home Screen

    To connect the call, click the Call button.

    Agent Panel Click Call Button

    When your contact answers the phone, the Call screen is displayed. The Call screen includes all the functions you need to handle the call. You hear the caller in your headset and can speak to them through your microphone.

    Agent Panel Outbound Call

    When you have finished the call, click End to hang up the call. If the contact hangs up their phone, the call automatically ends.

    After call work

    After your call ends, the Agent Panel displays the Wrap-up code screen. Your status is changed to After call work. Your organization defines the call wrap-up codes that appear in this view. Select the appropriate code according to your organization's business requirements.

    Agent Panel ACW

    Call screen

    The Call screen is displayed in the Agent Panel when you are handling a call. It includes call controls and status information. The Call screen includes the following features and controls:


    The controls that are displayed are set up by your administrator, so you might not see all the call controls described in the following table.

    Agent Panel Call Controls

    1Called numberThe number you dialed (DNIS) and the elapsed time of the call
    2Call controlsButtons enabling you to manage the call
    HoldPlace the call on hold so that you and the contact cannot hear one another. For some features such as Consultation, the call is placed on hold automatically
    Blind transferImmediately transfer to a number you dial a call without knowing if the call will be answered
    KeypadEnter numbers using the dial pad to send DTMF. This is commonly used to navigate phone system menus.
    MuteMute your microphone so that the contact cannot hear you
    ConsultationSpeak to another employee about a contact’s case, without the contact hearing the conversation, and transfer the call when necessary
    ConferenceInvite another party to join an active call, enabling all parties to hear and speak to one another
    RecordStart, pause, and stop recording a call (this feature is not available in all contact centers)
    3EndButton to hang up the call
    4Volume controlCall volume control for your headset. Click it to mute the caller. Hover your mouse pointer to display the volume control slider.
    5CIDThe Caller ID (CID) that is displayed to the contact on their phone
    6StatusYour current availability status and how long you have been in that status. When you are on an outgoing call, your status is Outbound.
    7Status menuYou cannot change your status while you are handling a call

    HLR Lookup

    Voiso's HLR Lookup, sometimes called Mobile Number Lookup, is a service that allows agents to validate a contact's phone number in real-time. Using the HLR Lookup feature, an agent can determine whether the contact is available to take a call.

    Your contact center agents use the Voiso Agent Panel to perform an HLR Lookup request.

    1. In the Agent Panel home screen, click the Call history button to display the Call history screen.
    2. On the Call history screen, find the number of the contact to be called.
    3. Click the kebab menu to display the Call details screen.
    4. To make the HLR Lookup request, click the HLR Lookup button.
    5. The HLR Lookup result is displayed next to the number. You can now decide whether to make the call or not.
    HLR Lookup resultDescription
    AvailableThe number is active and can be called.
    AbsentThe number is inactive and should not be called.
    Unavailable in countryHLR Lookup is unavailable in the country where the number is located.
    Is a landline numberThe number is a landline, not a mobile number. HLR Lookup does not support landlines.

    HLR Lookup Agent Panel Number Is Available

    For details about the HLR Lookup feature, refer to Phone number validation – HLR Lookup.

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