Customizable dashboards
    • 08 Mar 2024
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    Customizable dashboards

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    Who should read this article: Administrators, Supervisors

    Voiso features dashboards that administrators, managers, and supervisors can use to monitor contact center performance, agent performance, and outbound campaign performance.


    The Voiso Real-time dashboards and widgets bring clarity and organization to the day-to-day operations of your contact center. Dashboards enable you to be aware of changes before they become critical.

    In the Real-time dashboard page, you can add new dashboards, then add and configure widgets that display metrics in the form of charts and tables.

    Reporting Using The Real-time Dashboard

    Reposition widgets by dragging them around the dashboard.

    Reporting Real-time Dashboard Moving Widgets

    The Real-time dashboards are divided into groups. Each dashboard group includes widgets for monitoring different performance indicators. You can mix and match widgets on a single dashboard or create multiple thematic dashboards.

    Agent Monitoring

    Agent CounterDisplay the number of agents by status in a pie chart view, including the total number of logged-in agents.
    Agent ListMonitor agents in real-time by selected state and metrics and access Agent Zoom to view historical metrics, manage queue assignments, and initiate call monitoring features.
    Agent Activity DurationDisplay the total time that agents spent in each status.
    Redial CounterShow the number of call attempts to a destination number during the reporting period.
    Talk Time / Unique ClientsDisplay a comparative bar graph showing the time agents talked to unique contacts.
    Wrap-Up CodesDisplay the wrap-up codes associated with calls your team has placed.
    Keyword CounterDisplay the number of times specific keywords occurred in conversations.
    Service LevelDisplay the Time to first response, Time to reply, and Time to resolution statistics.

    Supervisors can use the Agent Monitoring dashboard widgets to track agent availability, performance, and keyword usage.

    Dialer Monitoring

    Campaign - Call DispositionDisplay the number of campaign calls by the call result: answered, no answer, busy, rejected, or failed.
    Campaign StatusDisplay metrics such as the average time it takes for an agent to answer a call and the average call length.
    Campaign - Dial AttemptsDisplay the number of times that each campaign contact was called.
    Campaign - Agent CounterDisplay the number of agents who have joined the campaign and their status.
    Campaign - Wrap-up CodesDisplay the number of campaign calls by wrap-up code.

    Administrators, managers, and supervisors can use the Dialer monitoring dashboard widgets to monitor the progress and performance of outbound Dialer campaigns.

    Queue Monitoring

    Average Speed of AnswerDisplay the average time it takes for a call to be answered by an agent.
    Average Call Duration by QueueShow the average length of calls by queue.
    Queue CounterShow the number of calls in each queue to assist with rebalancing agents.
    Agent Counter by QueueShow the number of agents assigned to each queue.
    In-queue AbandonsDisplay the percentage and ratio of inbound calls dropped after the call reached a queue.
    Pre-queue AbandonsDisplay the percentage and ratio of inbound calls dropped before reaching a queue.

    Administrators, managers, and supervisors can use the Queue monitoring dashboard widgets to monitor activity on your queues to troubleshoot issues and ensure proper agent balancing.

    Calling Number Monitoring

    ASR By Caller ID By CountryShow the percentage of successfully connected calls to the total number of attempted calls by country.

    Administrators and supervisors can monitor for issues with Caller IDs in real-time.

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