How to set up your contact center
    • 03 Apr 2024
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    How to set up your contact center

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    Who should read this article: Administrators

    What to do first once you start your free trial to get your contact center up and running.


    Before you begin, read the Getting started article to familiarize yourself with Voiso's main features and learn how to login.

    The Voiso navigation bar enables you to access all the Voiso features and capabilities.

    Overview Main Menu

    To set up your call center, click a feature group, such as Users, then select a feature to display the feature page where you can create users, configure settings, and view dashboards and reports.

    Voiso features and capabilities

    The following table summarizes Voiso's features by main menu feature group.

    Feature area: Reporting

    Call Detail RecordsAccess your call data using sophisticated filters to find the information you need
    Historical reportsCreate and schedule regular reports about call center and agent performance
    Real-time dashboardCreate a dashboard using custom widgets to monitor the contact center metrics that are most crucial to your business

    Feature area: Inbound

    NumbersView, manage, and buy numbers for your contact center from all over the world
    QueuesA system to distribute (route) inbound calls from your customers (contacts) to your users (agents)
    ScriptsA process that defines when and how inbound calls are routed in your contact center for each inbound number you use according to your business strategy
    FlowsUse the Flow Builder to design, configure, and manage sophisticated interaction flows based on business processes.
    Blocked numbersSpecify a list of numbers that cannot call your contact center

    Feature area: Outbound

    Dialer campaignsCreate powerful outbound dialing campaigns that maximize your call success
    Caller ID groupsThe list of Caller ID numbers that are grouped together for outbound calling strategies
    Caller ID Risk CheckEnsure that your calls appear safe to your contacts and that your calls will be answered
    Call suppressionThe list of suppressed (temporarily blocked) outbound numbers that will not be redialed until after certain conditions are met along with the list of numbers that cannot be suppressed (temporarily blocked) during out about calling

    Feature area: Users

    UsersThe list of all agents, supervisors, and other contact center personnel that are part of your inbound and outbound business strategies
    TeamsA group of users that work on a common business process
    SkillsA list of agent skills specific to your business. Skills are assigned to users to enhance call routing to the agent or queue with the best qualifications to handle specific calls

    Feature area: Administration

    System settingsGlobal settings for your contact center that determine what features are available and how they should function
    WebhooksSubscribe to call events that you can use for your automated workflows, custom integrations, and automated tasks.
    CRM Integration settingsVoiso works with many different CRMs. Use these settings to integrate your CRM with Voiso
    Unavailable codesThe list of reaons that an agent can select when they set their status to Unavailable
    Wrap-up CodesThe list of custom call outcomes that agents can select when they complete a call
    MediaThe audio files that are played to your contacts and users during different phases of call routing and handling
    Allowed hosts/subnetsThe list of allow list IP addresses for your contact center
    BillingInformation about your account and its current status
    Keyword groupsIf Speech Analytics is enabled, this list enables you to specify the words and phrases you want to monitor
    Security access groupsThe list of user roles and their specific access permissions
    Message templatesTemplates that agents can use for SMS and omnichannel messaging
    Sender ID groupsThe IDs that are used for SMS and omnichannel messages
    Delete recordingsA tool to manage and delete call recordings to ensure that you are in compliance with local legislation
    Digital channelsConnect, configure, and manage digital channels to your contact center to enable your agents to handled omnichannel interactions.

    Feature area: Messaging

    Broadcast messagesSend messages to users and teams in your contact center

    What do I do first?

    Here is a suggested order for setting up your contact center:

    Set up allowed hosts and subnets

    After you have logged in to Voiso, the first thing to do is secure your contact center by setting up the list hosts and subnet IP addresses that may access your contact center. Then, enable Restrict by host/subnet in the system settings so that access to your contact center is restricted to only hosts and SIP endpoints with IP addresses on the list.

    To open the Allowed hosts/subnets page, navigate to Administration > Allowed hosts/subnets.

    To open the System settings page, navigate to Administration > System settings.

    Add users and create teams

    Next, add agents and other contact center personnel who will be using Voiso in the Users page.

    To open the User page, select Users > Users. Next, either click Add user or CSV Import to start adding users. You can download a template that you can use to create a CSV file of users. For details about filling in the fields and configuring user settings, refer to Users.


    When you save a new user profile or update the email of an existing user, Voiso automatically sends an email to the specified address. The recipient must confirm the email address to activate the user account.

    After you have added agents, suervisors, and other administrator accounts, assign users to teams. Teams are useful for easily assigning groups of agents to campaigns and Inbound queues.

    Buy or add numbers

    Contact centers require phone numbers for inbound and outbound calling. Your contacts need to dial a phone number to reach your contact center. To dial outbound calls, your agents need to have a Caller ID associated with a phone number.

    Voiso enables you to buy phone numbers or add your own phone numbers for your contact center using the Numbers page. In the Voiso navigation bar, select Inbound > Inbound Numbers. If you already have numbers, you can access them in the My numbers page.

    For more information about buying numbers, refer to How to enable outgoing calling.

    Create caller ID groups

    Caller IDs (CIDs) are required by most local phone network providers. Calls without a CID might be rejected by network operators.

    Caller IDs can be assigned to individual users, teams, and Dialer campaigns.

    For more information about creating and assigning Caller IDs, refer to How to enable outgoing calling.

    Create queues and scripts to route calls

    A queue is the Voiso feature that distributes (routes) inbound calls from your customers (contacts) to your users (agents). Voiso uses flows or scripts that you create to define when and how inbound calls are routed in your contact center.

    For more information about creating queues and scripts, refer to How to enable outgoing calling.

    Set up softphones for your agents

    Voiso offers support for different phones, including our native WebRTC Softphone, third-party softphones, and Hardware Phones. Refer to How to set up your equipment and softphone for information about setting up phones for your agents.

    Add media

    You can include voice messages, music, and other audio content in your business workflows to guide your contacts when they call in to your IVR, to let your contacts know when they are on hold, and to provide custom ringtones for your agents.

    To add media files to your contact center, navigate to Administration > Media, then click Add media to display the Add media page.

    Tuning your contact center

    Now that you have the basics set up, review your contact center settings. In the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Administration > System settings. The Callcenter settings page contains multiple subsections, depending on the Voiso plan your organization has purchased, so some of the following capabilities might not be displayed in your environment. The subsections in the Callcenter settings page are where you specify different settings for different aspects of your contact center. This table summarizes some of the common settings available.

    GeneralUse this section to specify audio files for music on hold, WebRTC ringtones, and dial attempt limits. You can also enable Postcall capabilites for agents, hosts and subnet restrictions, hardcaps (call redial suppression), and specify the number of contact redial attempts.
    Speech analyticsIf this feature is enabled, Voiso analyses voice calls for keywords that your agents and contacts use on a call.
    Agent Panel metricsA selectable list of contact center and KPI metrics that are displayed in the Agent metrics page of the Agent Panel.
    TimersUse this section to set timeout limits for call answering, average call waiting, send to Voicemail, and other common timers.
    Call outcome loggingIf this feature is enabled, the outcome of outbound calls is logged to a URL that you specify. Outcomes include answered, answering machine, busy, and others.
    CRMsIf you purchased access to certain CRMs, they are enabled and configured in these sections.
    Feature access codesUse this section to specify the DTMF codes that supervisors enter to start various agent and call monitoring features.

    Reporting and real-time dashboards

    Voiso gathers a lot of information about your contact center and your inbound and outbound calls. You can access this information both in real-time and historically. In the Voiso navigation bar, navigate to Reporting. There are three options in this menu: CDR (Call Details Record), Historical Reports, and Real-time Dashboard.


    Voiso logs a Call Detail Record (CDR) for every call. The CDR contains all the pertinent information about a call, from data and time, to DNIS and ANI, to talk time and Disposition code.
    Overview Call Detail Record

    The Voiso CDR query tool enables you to construct complex queries that build reports on your contact center interactions. Use the CDR filters to search your call database for calls by data range, duration, talk time, agent, campaign, and more. Set up your filters to perform a search, then export the results to a CSV for analysis in other applications.

    Historical reports

    Voiso logs information about your contact center performance. Mine your contact center data by using Historical Reports to help you decide how to improve your business processes.

    Overview Create Historical Report

    Voiso enables you to create one time or scheduled Historical Reports for the following contact center metrics:

    • Agent List
    • Agent List per hour
    • Inqueue Abandons
    • Inqueue Abandons per hour
    • Redial Counter
    • ASR by country by hour
    • ASR by country
    • ASR per Caller ID
    • Billing report
    • Sensitive Data Access Report
    • Wrap-up Codes

    Real-time dashboards

    The Voiso Real-time Dashboards enable administrators and supervisors to monitor current contact center activity. You can create custom dashboards by adding widgets that are specific to the needs of the user. Administrators and supervisors can monitor the status of a Dialer Campaign while it is running. Supervisors can monitor agent activity and status and then use the Agent Zoom feature to view the details of a single agent and monitor, coach, or barge-in to calls. Voiso offers a variety of widgets for agent, Dialer, queue, and calling number monitoring.


    Integrate your CRM

    Voiso integrates with many mass-market and niche Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. CRM integration enables you to add the following Voiso features to your contact center and operate the Voiso Agent Panel right inside the CRM application.

    Click-to-callAgents initiate calls in the CRM by clicking an icon or link instead of manually dialing the number
    Calling List ImportVoiso pulls selected contact phone numbers directly from the CRM database for Dialer campaigns
    Screen PopThe contact record is automatically displayed in the CRM when an agent handles a call in Voiso
    Call HistoryCall outcome logging and call details are automatically transmitted to the CRM database after a call

    Contact your Voiso account representative for more information about integrating your contact center with your CRM.

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