How to enable outgoing calling
    • 21 May 2024
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    How to enable outgoing calling

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    An overview of what is needed to enable agents, teams, and outbound campaign dialers to start making calls.


    Voiso provides you with a simple to use interface that enables you to set up Users (agents), Teams, Numbers, and Caller IDs, so that your contact center agents and automated campaign dialers can make calls to your clients (contacts).


    This article assumes that you have already created your Users and Teams when you initially set up your contact center.

    To make outgoing phone calls from your contact center, you require the following:

    • At least one phone number for your contact center
    • At least one Caller ID (CID) to identify the origin of your calls on a telecom network.

    You can assign phone numbers to:

    Phone Numbers

    Buy phone numbers from Voiso or add your own phone numbers to your contact center by using the Numbers page.

    Inbound Numbers Default View

    In the Voiso navigation bar, select Inbound > Numbers. If you already have numbers (1), you can access them from the Numbers table.

    To buy new numbers, click Buy numbers (2) and search for available numbers by country and geographic region. Select the numbers that you want to purchase, then click Buy numbers to add the numbers to your list of numbers.

    To add your own numbers, click Add 3rd party number (3) and enter your number, country, and number type.

    For assistance with buying or importing numbers, contact your Voiso account manager.

    Setting up an individual Caller ID

    To assign a Caller ID to a particular user, follow these steps:

    1. On the Voiso navigation bar, select Users > Users.
    2. Select the user to display the Edit user page. This step can also be performed with you initially add the user.
    3. In the CallerID field, specify one of your phone numbers.
      Users Add User View

    If the user is assigned to a team and the team has an associated Caller ID group, the Caller ID group numbers take priority over the Caller ID assigned individually.

    Setting up Caller ID groups

    Caller ID groups enable you to have multiple Caller IDs (CIDs) available for a Dialer campaign. Voiso selects CIDs automatically, depending on the region being called and whether the contact has been called before, when calls are made by team members that are associated with a Caller ID group.

    To create a Caller ID group, from the Voiso navigation bar, select Outbound > CID groups to display the Caller ID groups page.

    Caller ID Groups Default Only

    Default CID group

    When you first open the Caller ID groups page, the only CID group available is called Default.

    CID Default Caller ID Group

    You can edit the Caller ID name and description and then select an existing CID or a third-party CID. By default the name is anonymous.


    Voiso recommends changing the default Caller ID from anonymous to a name that represents your organization or business processes. Many local networks reject calls from anonymous CIDs.

    To edit the default group, click it in the Caller ID groups page. Next, click Select existing Caller ID to display the Select Caller ID panel.

    CID Select Caller ID Panel

    Select from the numbers that you own. Click numbers individually, or by destination or country. To select all the numbers for a country, select the country name.

    Click Save to add the selected numbers to your default Caller IDs.

    Custom CID groups

    Use custom CID groups to specify numbers to be used when calling to specific countries, regions, or other business purposes. For example, you can create a custom CID group for all your contacts in Germany, another for your contacts in Australia, and so on.

    To create a new custom CID group, Follow these steps:

    1. Select Outbound > CID groups to display the Caller ID groups page, then click Add new Caller ID group.
    2. In the Add caller ID group page, edit the Label fields to name the CID group.
      CID Edit Caller ID Group view
    3. In the Prefix field, enter a dialing prefix for your system, business process, or country code.
    4. To add one or more CID numbers, click Select existing Caller ID and select the number to add for the CID group. You can also add Caller IDs from a third-party by clicking Add 3rd party Caller ID.
    5. To assign the Caller ID group to a team, in the Teams section, click Edit. Select one or more teams from the Edit teams panel. Click Save.
    6. Click Save to save and create your Caller ID group. You are now ready to start making outgoing calls.

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