• 01 Sep 2023
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    Enable the Telegram channel for your contact center to receive and reply to messages from your contacts.


    Voiso's Telegram channel enables agents to reply to messages from your contacts and engage in conversations with Telegram users.

    Creating a Telegram account for your business

    To begin, download the Telegram app to your mobile device. Telegram requires a user account registered to a mobile phone number.

    Building a Telegram Bot for your contact center

    Contact centers rely on Telegram bots to automate tasks and interact with contacts. Telegram bots are special accounts that do not need a phone number to set up. For detailed information, refer to How do I create a Bot. Here are the basic steps for building a Telegram bot:

    1. Get a bot token: To create a Telegram bot, first talk to the BotFather, Telegram's bot that helps you create new bots. The first thing you need is a bot token.
    2. Start a chat with the BotFather by searching for @BotFather from your Telegram account.
    3. Type /newbot to create a new bot.
    4. Choose a name and username for your bot.
    5. BotFather gives you a token. The token is used to authenticate your bot with the Telegram API. This token is needed to access the API and build your bot. Save a copy of your token for later use.

    Type /help to view all possible @BotFather commands.

    Connecting Telegram to your contact center

    Your Voiso account manager handles connecting your Telegram account to your contact center. Provide the following information to your Voiso account manager:

    1. Telegram API token you got from @BotFather
    2. The name to be associated with your contact center Telegram channel

    When Telegram is enabled for your contact center, you can find it listed in the Digital channels section of the System settings page.

    Omnichannel Telegram In Digital Channels Section Systemn Settings

    Enabling agents to handle Telegram messages

    Ensure that the Omnichannel Workspace is enabled for your agents. Refer to Enabling Omnichannel.

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